The main manufacturers, distributors and other professionals in the technology sector for fluid management in industrial processes participate in EXPOFLUIDOS 2021 with the aim of offering visitors:
  • EXPOFLUIDOS offers the best technological offer for fluid management in the following sectors:

    • Agrifood
    • Alimentation and beverages
    • Animal feeding
    • Chemical
    • Fine chemistry
    • Petrochemical
    • Pharmacist
    • Ceramics
    • Building
    • Cosmetics
    • Detergents
    • Pharmacist
    • Fatty
    • Mining
    • Paints and varnishes
    • Waste treatment and revaluation
  • EXPOFLUIDOS 2021 is held together with two other fairs:
    EXPOSOLIDOS 2021, the Solids Technology Exhibition, the most important fair in southern Europe for the processing, handling and transport of dry powders and bulk materials and POLUSOLIDOS 2021, Exhibition of Technology for Dedusting and Filtration.
  • EXPOFLUIDOS is committed to training and information.
    EXPOFLUIDOS is not only a sample of the latest technology, but also a point of exchange of information between professionals and an opportunity to recycle professionally by attending the Technical Conferences both the officials organized by the Organizing Committee and those organized by the exhibitors and sector agents by themselves.
  • EXPOFLUIDOS is an international business center.

  • EXPOFLUIDOS is a unique fair in Europe

  • In EXPOFLUIDOS you will find the best technological solutions to your needs with more than seventy exhibitors and one hundred and seventy exhibitors of EXPOSOLIDOS (Salon of Technology for Solids) and POLUSOLIDOS (Exhibition of Technology for Dedusting and Filtration), your visit to EXPOFLUIDOS it can be done in one day. Our fair philosophy is to maximize your time and budget. It is a event to do business and find the best solutions to your needs in the process of your fluids.