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GMdix ingeniería

GMdix ingeniería
Stand F226 / E226
Enclosure La Farga de L'Hospitalet

avda. Jaume I s/n
46450 – Valencia

We are dedicated to advise and execute the needs of any Client in an industrial Plant, for both liquids and solids installations in sectors such as food, cosmetic, chemical and mineral. We provide a complete solution to the need that our clients have, managing and balancing the main points in a Project, which for us are: Quality, deadline and cost, always under H&S conditions as a primary premise. We also manufacture products and equipment with high quality standards.

Agitation and Reaction Equipment

Dosing Equipment

Heat exchangers

Heat exchangers for industrial processes with fluids

Heat exchangers for viscous products

Industrial skids


Static heat exchangers

Gomez Madrid, S.L. – Spain

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